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What’s the difference between your Ridge Clip and other ridge clips on the market?


Our Clip was designed to make installation easier and more efficient while decreasing the risk of roof damage.  Our Ridge Clip does not require the installer to lift the shingle that could potentially break the ridge cap seal.  If the seal is broken your chances of a leak is increased.



How does your Ridge Clip attach to the ridge cap?


Our Ridge Clip was designed to securely grasp two opposing edges of your ridge cap, thus eliminating the need to lift the shingle.  (see video)



What type of roof does your Ridge Clip work on?


Our Ridge Clip will work on asphalt shingles.  It will also work on most ridge vents and various metal roofs.

How well do your Ridge Clips hold up in high winds?

Our Ridge Clip performs very well in high winds. We've had positive reviews on how well they stay put during windy conditions.

How does the PVC adapter work?

The PVC adapter  snaps on to our Ridge Clip which allows you to anchor your 1/2" or 3/4" PVC pipe securely to the ridge line.  Recommended spacing is 18-24 inches.  18" if your area is subject to high winds or snow build up.  Otherwise 24" spacing will work.  Spacing over 24" may cause too much load on the clips and cause the clip to release or chip the shingle.

I have a metal roof, how can I be sure they'll work on mine?


You can order a sample and pay for shipping costs only so you may try the clip prior to making a purchase.



I’m not sure what type of lights I have, how can I be sure my light will work with the Ridge Clip?


Our New RIdge Clip will work with most lights.


How many Ridge Clips do I need?


You will want to use one Ridge Clip per bulb to keep your lights straight and secure.

What are the advantages of your Light Stake?

Just like all of our products, our Light Stake was designed to hold your light straight and secure.  The offset design makes installation much easier as well.  (Works with C7 e12 base and C9 e17 base and C9 Pixel Bulbs/Brilliant Bulbs).

What are the advantages of your Pro Clip?

Just like all of our products, our Pro Clip was designed to hold your light straight and secure.  Also works well on gutters.  (Works with C7 e12 base and C9 e17 base).

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