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Ridge Clip

About Canny Systems

    Every year my family and I, as well as thousands of other people, love to go out and look at all of the amazing Christmas lights and decorations that people have put on display.  I, as well, look forward to putting up all those wonderful lights.  Well, for the most part anyway. Installing lights on the ridgeline of my roof has always been quite a challenge.  Not only do I end up with raw fingertips and a damaged shingle or two or three... my lights just are never as straight as I would like them to be.  I knew there had to be a better way to attach those clips to the ridgeline of the house so I searched and searched and came up with nothing; with the exception of some really elaborate and creative ideas I saw on YouTube.

     After all my time and research and coming up with nothing practical, I decided to fix this problem once and for all.  So I invented the Ridge Clip and all those frustrations are now history.  You've got to try them to really get it.  Now you can actually look forward to tackling those all important ridgeline lights!  Enjoy!

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