Color:  Black


Ridge Clip Fits:

  • C6
  • C7
  • C9
  • C9 Pixel Bulb
  • 12mm Bullet Pixel
  • G30 
  • G40 
  • 1/2" Rope Lights
  • Mini's


Decorate Your Ridge Line with Ease!

  • Only takes minutes to install lights to the ridge-line of your home.
  • No damage to roof at all!
  • No "peeling" up shingles that compromises the integrity of the roof.
  • Works on asphalt shingles. Also, works on most 10" and 12" ridge vents and various metal roofs.
  • Easy and quick removal.

Ridge Clip

  • Attaches to most asphalt shingles and ridge vents.